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    Software prices - in-clound hosting

    View Only Users

    Communication Users

    Power Users

    FREE $ 30/month $ 99/month

    View Only Users can only see things created by other users, such as reports or dashboards.

    Communication Users can do anything View Only Users can do, with the addition of also being able to interact with the software. They can update metric values, as well as add comments.

    In addition to the other types of users, Power Users can create things. They can define metrics, build scorecards, dashboards or create briefing books.

    It is very simple

    There are three types of users and their monthly costs are listed above.

    Your data lives in the cloud

    Most organizations choose the in-cloud option. This means that our company hosts the software on our secure servers and takes care or all server maintenance, data backups and software upgrades. The fee is based on a license usage which you are free to cancel at any time.

    Why you should use it

    There are many advantages to using this software as a service. These include the fact that you don’t need advanced IT knowledge and you don’t need to buy hardware, approve software or even sign a long term contract.

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  • Software prices – on-site hosting

    Your data lives in your network

    This approach is the most traditional. It requires you to have your own server and IT staff to manage it, but it allows you to keep all your data on your intranet. The price is similar to most performance management software: you pay a one-time license fee and then a 20% yearly maintenance fee for upgrades.

    You manage security

    Most of the times, customers choose to host this software on-site, because of internal security restrictions. Military organizations host the software on their classified networks and some large organizations consider highly aggregated performance data to be an important trade secret. In these circumstances, on-site hosting is their only option.

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    Prices for on-site hosting vary, depending on the number of users. Also, we offer facility and enterprise licensing.

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Training – Get quote

Whatever your needs are, for an extended approach which implies real-time training and the opportunity to have personal online sessions with our trainers, contact us to ask for a customized offer.

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We are performance management specialists with academic certification, we have a real interest in excellence and we support our clients to achieve their goals. We offer consultancy services regarding:

  • KPIs and implementation solutions;
  • Software automation;
  • In-cloud configuration with no software installation or on-site server administration;
  • Internal administration of software on organizations’ servers, in order to maintain the safety of classified materials.

If you would like a customized offer, please contact us.

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