Scoreboard allows you to organize your existing data and to visualize it, to create relevant performance management dashboards.

In a blank Scoreboard, you can add charts, images, text and data tables in order to represent your data. After the dashboard is created, your data is updated automatically.

You can organize your performance data and create charts and graphs which give you a clear perspective of your current plans, as well as of the upcoming plans.

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If you would like to trial Scoreboard, we can help you with a hosted system and provide some advice and guidance free of charge. To get an idea about the way the system looks and what it can do, visit the screenshots gallery.

Scoreboard provides you with:



They can be created from anything in the system and then updated automatically.



They allow you to compare metrics from the same scorecard or from different scorecards and to follow positive and negative trends.



Select your customized reports and add them to the bookmarks section.

Plan de activitate

Action Planner

It helps organize things, it simplifies and makes data visualization faster, thanks to the auto-generated tasks lists and it helps monitor the budget and expense rates.

Manager de Documente

Document Manager

It allows you to share files in the most secure way and to monitor different versions of the same document. Also, it allows the user to see all the changes that have been made and to go back to a previous version.


Data Export

It allows you to export data to Word, PowerPoint or Excel.

Benefits of using Scoreboard:

  • based on the latest web technologies;
  • ideal for performance management at operational level;
  • intuitive, robust, fully live and interactive;
  • easy monitoring, analysis and reporting of KPIs;
  • real-time analysis and data, using any browser;
  • export and reporting based on Microsoft Office tools;
  • easy integration with various databases: Excel, Oracle, SQL Server of MySQL;
  • real-time visualization of screenshots and even system preview;
  • optimal use, no matter what management methodology you use;
  • flexible for any performance management maturity level.


Connect is a graphical tool that allows you to import data without manually updating it.

  • Data import is simple and intuitive;
  • Data mapping to the existing structure via drag and drop;
  • Data automation;
  • Low costs, thanks to the fact that it is completely web-based;
  • The ability to monitor your scheduled imports from anywhere.

To access a view only demo, log in with the following credentials:

  • User: view
  • Password: demo

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